Workshop series

Material Narratives

Design research workshop at TU Berlin, 2016


In a contemporary cultural moment, where we are witnessing a monstrous increment in the use of concrete, but at the same time experimenting a growing and almost desperate need or desire for green, the historical relation between natural and built environments takes new directions and with them, new opportunities for architecture. “Concrete and nature” will be the first one of a series of workshops, where the cross over, merging and dispute between these two essential domains of the urban environment will be explored.

Having concrete as a primal material substratum and nature as a realm that contextualizes it within current urban paradigms. Students will have to translate their experiences and observations into physical material fields that narrate different forms or manifestations of concrete /nature interactions. Using casting and moulding techniques we aim to create a collection of pieces where concrete and nature come together, manifesting the reciprocal embodiment of these domains into each other.